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Get to Your Cards Quickly with the the Nomatic BASICS Men’s Slim Wallet

BASICS Mens Slim Wallet Review

We carry a variety of cards with us – like credit, identity, license, transit, passport, hotel key and loyalty cards – wherever we go. Many of us use plastic money more than paper money. Pulling a bifold wallet out of your back pocket can be a time-consuming and sometimes tedious process. The Nomadic BASICS Mens Slim Wallet has been designed to make the card-retrieval process effortless. The miniature wallet is perfect for minimalists that don’t carry a lot of cash with them but do carry cards and need to get to them quickly.

Is the BASICS Wallet right for you? Continue reading out BASICS Wallet review to find out:

The BASICS Wallet Overview


3.5 x 2.2 x 0.2 inches


1.6 ounces


Black, Mint, Red


Elastic band


Single card slot (holds 1-15 cards) with elastic band, one pocket for keys/cash

RFID Protection

Not available

What’s so special about the BASICS Wallet?

Good minimalist wallets need to have a decent carrying capacity; be light and small; and be easy to handle. You should be able to fit them in your front pocket. RFID protection – while not necessary – is always welcome. In our BASICS Wallet review, we’ll examine the top features of the wallet to show you what makes it unique:


The BASICS Wallet is a great example of an ideal minimalist wallet. At 3.5 x 2.2 x 0.2 inches (height x length x width), the wallet is very small and will fit the palm of your hand. With a 0.2 inches of thickness and 1.6 ounces of weight, you can fit it in any pocket and forget about it. In fact, you could tuck it into your belt without too much trouble. The wallet will fit into your front pocket and won’t weigh it down, even if you stuff it with cash and cards.


The wallet is made up of woven, medical grade elastic. The elastic is sturdy and doesn’t get pulled out of shape, even after repeated stretching. It looks to be of good quality and won’t stain or tear easily. The stitching is done well – you don’t have to worry about frayed ropes or the stitching coming out. The pull strap seems to be made of artificial leather, which is also of good quality. You’ll be able to use this wallet for a good long time.


Being a minimalist wallet, it doesn’t hold much. You’ll be able to fit in about 15 cards if you pack them together tightly. There’s a small pocket on it that will hold your keys, some coins and tightly folded cash. If you put in too much cash, there won’t be enough room for cards. The wallet is small and won’t hold larger-than-usual cards.

Ease of use:

Thanks to a unique design – which we’ll explain later – any cards you put in it will be easy to get to, even if you pack them tightly together. The wallet is designed simply and you’ll be able to pull out cash from in it without too much trouble. You may have trouble handling the small wallet if you’re in a hurry though. While the wallet holds cards snugly, pulling on the strap causes the cards to pop out from both ends – you’ll have to hold on to them tightly if you want to prevent the ones at the bottom from falling out.


The wallet is by no means a looker. While the elastic is of high quality, the stitching on it isn’t uniform throughout. There are three color choices: Black, Green and Red. Black is, perhaps, the best choice – it makes the wallet look subtle, like a thin notebook.

The Special Pull Tab technology

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The BASICS Mens Slim Wallet was initially just an idea on Kickstarter.com, created by Nomadic, over 3 years ago. The startup funding surpassed the target of $10,000 many times over. It makes a great mini wallet because of the innovative pull tab function. This function lets you access 4 of your most-used cards quickly.

When you pull an elastic tab, which sticks out at the side of the wallet, it causes the cards to pop up from the bottom and the top. You’ll be able to retrieve 4 cards quickly. The other cards are slightly harder to get to, but not too hard. They fan out, thanks to the elastic body, and you can sort through them quickly.

In Comparison with Competitors

How does the BASICS Mens Slim Wallet compare with its top minimalist competitors? It’s not as sturdy as the Radix One, nor does it have RFID protection. The Pull Tab function is well-designed – but perhaps it’s not as good as the one on the Secrid Wallet range. However, this wallet is much cheaper than the majority of its competitors. It is also lighter and pretty sturdy. If you’re not willing to splurge and want a long-lasting option, then you can’t do better than BASICS.


         Pros                                  Cons

  • Tiny, can fit in any pocket
  • Light, easy to carry
  • ​Can hold from 4 to 15 cards
  • ​Strong, medical grade elastic
  • ​Double stitching
  • ​Durable design
  • ​A good gifting option
  • Possible to swipe/scan cards quickly
  • No RFID protection
  • Can be difficult to handle in a rush
  • Doesn’t have a premium look

Should You Buy the BASICS Slim Wallet?

Is it worth your money? The wallet will carry the bulk of your favorite cards and allow you to retrieve them in a short span of time. It will let you quick-swipe cards without having to pull them out of the wallet. The BASICS Wallet will also hold a reasonable amount of cash and a key or two, without weighing your pocket down and making your uncomfortable. To end our BASICS Slim Wallet review, we recommend this purchase for minimalists looking for a bang for their buck.

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