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The Bellroy Slim Sleeve: A Minimalist’s Dream Come True

bellroy wallet review

Leather bi-fold and tri-fold wallets can be hard to carry around. When you stuff them to the brim with cards, notes and receipts, they get fat and form an uncomfortable bulge in your pocket. It’s also hard to find a card or money quickly if your wallet is a disorganized mess. The solution to this problem is to switch to a minimalist wallet like the Bellroy Slim Sleeve.

Bellroy is a well-known wallet manufacturer with an inventory full of premium card holders, sleeves, coin pouches and wallets. The company is known for its “less is more” philosophy and its thin, minimalistic wallets are best sellers. In this Bellroy Wallet review, we’ll be focusing on the Slim Sleeve leather wallet, which is one of the more popular wallets in the Bellroy range.

The Bellroy Slim Sleeve Wallet Overview


3 inches x 3.7 inches (height x length)


Black, Arctic Blue, Blue Steel, Burnt Orange, Charcoal, Eucalyptus,  Java


2 interior pockets, 2 quick-access pockets – good for 4-12 cards, some cash and coin


Not available

What do you need from a minimalist wallet?

A minimalist wallet needs to be thin and small – the thinner and smaller, the better. However, it should still be capable of holding a reasonable number of cards and some cash. Room for other knickknacks, like receipts and coins, is always welcome. A sturdy build and good looks are expected. So how does the Slim Sleeve hold up against all that? Continue reading our Bellroy Wallet review to find out:


At just 3 inches x 3.7 inches, the Bellroy Wallet Slim Sleeve is tiny. It’s barely bigger than a standard credit card (in dimensions). When you stuff the wallet full of cards, it will expand in size. While the creators state the wallet can hold 12 cards, putting more than 8 could cause the leather to stretch out more than is wise. The wallet is small enough to be handled with a single hand and will fit into all kinds of pockets with ease. If you’re a front-pocket carrier, you’ll be able to slide it in with your keys, phone and other small items.


They’ve used premium-grade leather for the wallet. The top-grain leather is tanned under environmentally-friendly conditions and is designed to be long-lasting. It’s much more flexible and softer than canvas. The wallet will age well, without losing too much form, and without deep creases. They’ve used high quality stitching throughout – there’s no danger of the rope breaking, though you may have to trim a loose end or two at the end. The leather will resist water and some stains, though it’s a good idea to handle it with care.


Being a minimalist wallet, don’t expect the Bellroy Slim Sleeve to hold much. You can comfortably place about 6-8 cards in it – place more and you risk stretching the pockets out of shape. The interior pockets are where you’re supposed to put in some money, after you fold it up. You can put coins, receipts, ticket stubs and maybe a small key in one of the two quick-access, upwards-facing pockets. All in all, though, you won’t be able to carry a lot in it.


The Slim Sleeve has a very simple bi-fold design, which is a good thing. You can hold it in a single hand, flip it open with your thumb and get to the contents inside quickly. The upwards-facing pockets are designed for fast access. You can put in four cards in two pockets and retrieve them without too much trouble too. There’s a quick-pull tab on the right inner pocket, which causes any cards in there to slide out. The wallet is small, light and easy to carry. While you can carry coins in the wallet, it won’t hold a lot of them. You’d be better off if you carry them in your pocket alongside the wallet.


The leather, being high-quality, makes the wallet look expensive and subtly shiny. It ages well and the wallet will look good even after prolonged use. The wallet remains thin even when you put a lot of cards inside. It’s available in a variety of bold as well as understated colors, so you can get one that matches your taste. Some of the colors available include a dark blue, black, orange, and gray. The wallet comes with attractive packaging – which could make it a good Christmas gift.

bellroy travel wallet

        Pros                                    Cons

  • Thin and light, can fit front pockets
  • Holds form well, even after prolonged use
  • ​Smart design, easy to flip open
  • ​Stylish looks
  • ​High-grade leather
  • Makes for a good gift
  • No RFID protection
  • Leather needs care
  • Low storage capacity

How does it compare to other slim wallets?

How does the Bellroy compare with other slim wallets? It doesn’t hold as much stuff as the Dynomighty Mighty wallet, but it is made of much higher-quality material. Although it doesn’t hold as much as a Big Skinny wallet, it isn’t as durable and isn’t water proof, but it looks much better. It doesn’t have RFID-blocking, like some of its competitors. Getting an RFID sleeve will make it very difficult to fit the cards in the provided slots. However, there are other wallets in the Bellroy range that do have RFID features. Of course, according to some experts, RFID is a marketing gimmick and the need for the feature is debatable.

Should you buy the Bellroy Slim?

To finish up with our Bellroy wallet review, we believe it’s a decent purchase at the price point as well as a good long-term investment. Of course, there are much fancier minimalist wallets out there with mechanisms that allow you to retrieve cards quickly. However, the Bellroy Slim dispenses with all the bells and whistles and offers a stylish, lightweight and reliable wallet that you won’t have to replace anytime soon.

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