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The Best Key Holders: Say Goodbye to a Messy Pocketful of Keys

September 29, 2017
keysmart key holder

Keys – along with your phone and wallet – are items you’re always going to take with you everywhere. They can be difficult to carry though, often pressing into your thigh if you carry them in your trouser pocket. If you carry a lot of keys, it can also be a trial retrieving the right one when you need it.

In this key holder review  guide, we’ve gathered a list of what we think are the best key holders on the market. We have also included a list of best key holder brands and a concise buyer’s guide that makes you aware of the considerations you need to make while buying a new key organizer:

The Most Popular, Well-Made Key Holders Around

1) Leather Compact Key Holder by ThorKey

leather compact key holder by thorkey

The THORKEY key bar organizer snags the top spot on our best key holder list because it’s compact, durable, looks good, and is reasonably priced. It’s very easy to use too. The key organizer is made up of top grain leather and is available in two colors: black and brown. They throw in a bottle opener, which can be hooked onto the organizer, with every purchase.

The THORKEY organizer features a single piece leather strap that’s bent in the middle. A metal screw bolt punches through the open ends of the strap. To store your keys, you need to slide them onto it and then screw it shut. The design of the key organizer is very secure and compact. Your keys will also remain very safe and won’t fall off, which can be a problem with some organizers.

To use your keys, you just need to select the right one and then swivel it out. The organizer comes with bolts of three different lengths: 0.79, 0.99 and 1.18 inches. You can fit up to 8 keys or multi tools on the longest bolt size. The build quality is very good, and the leather will last a long time, being top grain. They also offer a full money back guarantee, making this a worthwhile purchase.

2) America Kings Compact Key Holder

america kings compact key holder

The America Kings Compact Key Holder is a fully metal key organizer. It’s very sturdily built and – with the help of extenders – can hold up to 12 keys and/or multi-tools at one time. The key holder is black and looks pretty sleek. This product comes wrapped up in an elegant silk packaging, making it a perfect gift.

The America Kings Key Holder is made from aircraft grade aluminum. It includes two plates of metal layered on top of each other. Two metal screws are present at either end of the metal plates, securing the two plates together. The keys themselves fit onto rubber washers, which are wrapped around the metal screws. To increase the carrying capacity, they provide you with red rubber spacers.

Unlike with some key holders, your keys don’t get dislodged from the case (the rubber holds them tight). This key holder is very compact. It comes with a bottle opener built in along the body. You can also use the key holder as a stand for your smartphone. They offer a 30 day money back guarantee with the holder, so you can always return it if you don’t like it.

3) Compact Key Organizer by KEYTEC

Compact Key Organizer by KEYTEC review

The KEYTEC Compact Key Organizer, just like the America Kings Key Holder, is an all metal key holder. It can hold 12-16 keys once the (included) extension is installed. They come with built-in tools – namely a bottle opener and a phone stand. The Key Organizer is available in three metallic shades: gold, silver, and black.

The standout feature of the KEYTEC key organizer is its durability. There are a lot of all metal organizers around that, despite claims to the contrary, give out in no time. The KEYTEC key organizer, on the other hand, is sturdily built – out of an aircraft grade aluminum alloy – and can take a beating. It features two metal plates that are held together by two metal screws. To store your keys, just slide them through the screws.

You can increase the storage capacity just a little more by installing additional spacers. To use your keys, you will have to swivel them out. You can attach the organizer to your car keys or a key ring with the help of a loop (provided). If you don’t like the KEYTEC key holder, they offer a full money back guarantee. The organizer is packaged neatly and should make for a great gift.

4) Smart Compact Key Holder by Mysmartkey

Smart Compact Key Holder by Mysmartkey

The Mysmartkey Smart Compact Key Holder is pretty unique. Like the name suggests, it’s a “smart” key holder – it comes with a handy little flash drive with a storage capacity of 8 GB! The key holder can hold up to 14 keys at full capacity. Apart from the key holder, you also get a bottle opener and a key ring where you can attach your car key.

Mysmartkey holders are made up of stainless steel and aluminum, giving it an attractive silver sheen. The key holder, just like the others featured in this list, need a little bit of assembly before it becomes ready to work. You need to slide your keys through screws at either end of the key organizer.

A welcome feature of the Mysmartkey holder is that it can accommodate keys of different sizes, just not standard ones. You can fit big keys, small keys and regular sized keys together in it without too much trouble. The keys stay compact and organized, so you don’t have to worry about your precious smartphone being scratched by them anymore.

5) Key Organizer by SleeKey

review of Key Organizer by SleeKey

SleeKey key organizers have gigantic storage capacity – it can hold up to 22 keys and multi tools at one time. The key holder is made from stainless steel and aluminum, and looks pretty tough. It’s available in a single black metallic finish and comes with two bonus accessories: a bottle opener and a loop for your car keys.

The Key Organizer by SleeKey is perfect for storing 3-6 keys. For added capacity, you can install additional spacers. SleeKey officially only accommodates standard key sizes, and can’t hold keys with holes that are smaller than 4mm (diameter). You should still be able to fit large keys in it, if you sacrifice some storage space.

The Key Organizer is easy to set up. It comes with anti-loosening washers which prevents the screws from coming loose. The key holder can be used with a single hand, which is convenient if you’re in a hurry. You can return the product at any time after purchase, if you aren’t satisfied with the quality.

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Types of Key Organizers

As you can see, there are a lot of good key organizers on the market, and there’s not much to choose between them. That doesn’t mean differences don’t exist, though. Some key organizers will be more suitable to your purposes than others. Here are some of the common styles that key organizers follow:


Minimalist key organizers, as the name suggests, are meant for people who carry only a handful of keys with them. They tend to be simply made and easy to set up and use.


Metal key organizers tend to last a long, long time. These are usually made out of materials like aluminum, steel and titanium. They don’t scratch,  age well, and do not tend to be hard to set up.

Leather and canvas

Leather and canvas key organizers are highly usable. These  look good and – if made from high quality material – can last a while. They tend to be easier to use than metal holders, but may not hold keys together snugly.

Best Key Organizer Brands

Your search for the perfect key organizer won’t be complete until you take a look at these top key organizer brands:


If you like leather wallets, you’ve probably heard of Bellroy. Bellroy is a reputable manufacturer that creates premium leather wallets. Their products are expensive, but every single one of them features a superior level of craftsmanship.

The Bellroy leather key cover should go nicely with your leather wallet. It’s available in blue steel, black, and caramel. They have a very simple design – it’s a simple leather cover that can be flipped open for your keys. It looks really classy and will be perfect for formal occasions.

Quiet Carry

Quiet Carry is a small company that creates everyday use items. Their products reflect California’s outdoorsy culture and are a nice blend of utility and beauty. The Ti Mini Q is the first product they ever came out with.

Mini Q Key Organizers are made from Grade 5 Titanium. The USP of this product is a knife that you can slide out with your thumb. Being a minimalist product, it only holds a handful of keys. The knife is a nice touch, though. There’s also a loop for car keys.

Minimax Lab

minimax labs key holder

Minimax Lab ran a successful campaign for Blockey – their flagship product – on Kickstarter a few years ago. The company wanted to create a minimalist product, something that was aesthetically appealing and usable. Blockey is a solid product, and it should be the perfect buy if you’re a minimalist.

Blockey is available in two beautiful colors: a silver-white and black. You can get a 3 key version, a 4 key version and a 5 key version. There’s a wire ring you can attach to the Blockey, through a hole in its body, to make it easier to carry.

Key Organizer Buying Guide

What should you look for when buying a new key organizer? The key organizer’s durability, affordability, and ease of use are some important factors to consider before purchase. Here are some tips that will help you make a smart buy:

Build quality

If you like an organizer, ensure it’s been made from high-quality material. Take a look at customer reviews and see if they’ve had any problems with the organizer in the past. Also check if the company offers replacement screws or posts if you happen to break them during set up.


Do you want the organizer to hold five keys or twenty? Should it be capable of holding large keys, or is it okay if it can only hold standard-sized keys? Many organizers can only hold standard keys. Read the fine print before you purchase an organizer.


Most organizers are a breeze to set up. You could have trouble with some others, though, especially if you’re not technically inclined. If you tend to get replacement keys often, the ease of set up is a factor you need to consider.


Some key organizers don’t hold the keys in a compact way, causing them to slide out and poke you, or scratch your phone. Look for organizers that can hold your keys together tightly. Also, you should preferably be able to slide out and use your keys with one hand.


We hope you like the collection of key organizer we’ve gathered here. You won’t have regrets if you buy any one of them. It’s always a good idea to get an organizer with a money back guarantee. That way, you’ll be able to return it if it doesn’t work for you.

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