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Leave Your Fat Wallet Behind by Getting the Best Money Clip Wallet Ever

Alpine Swiss Leather Money Clip

A fat wallet can be a nightmare. Not only does it look bad, but it can also cause you a great deal of pain if you have to sit on it for hours on end. Back-pocket wallets are also known to destroy credit cards by bending them out of shape. The only one who benefits from having a fat wallet is a pickpocket. In fact, pickpockets love to target people who carry their wallets in their back pocket. Front pocket wallets, on the other hand, are much harder to steal, if not impossible.

What options do you have if you’re willing to ditch your regular wallet? Why not go for a compact wallet with a money clip attached? Money clip wallets are perfect for carrying in your front pocket. They are small, light and convenient to use. They also won’t abuse your cards and – because you’re carrying them in the front – won’t wear out as quickly as your regular wallet.

In this buyer’s guide, we’re going to give you the lowdown on the best money clip wallet(s) on the market. We’ll also introduce you to the top wallet brands and tell you what to look for when buying a wallet:

Our Top Picks for the Best Money Clip Wallets in 2018

Every product in this list has been handpicked for its durability, usability and looks. If you’re going to buy a money clip wallet for everyday use, you need to be sure that it’ll hold up well after a few months. Some wallets will lose their sheen after a while, but wallets made from genuine full-grain leather are known to maintain their looks for several years.

There are a lot of amazing products out there and finding the best money clip wallet can be a challenge, even after hours of research. Here’s a list of our top picks – we hope you find something you like:

1) The Distil Union Wally Bifold Slim Leather Wallet for Men

Distil Union Wallet Review

Distil Union is a well-known brand that creates iPhone cases, docks and leather wallets. The Wally Bifold Slim Leather Wallet is their flagship product and is our pick for the best men’s money clip wallet around. Not only does the Wally Bifold look good, but it’s made to be long-lasting, has high carrying capacity and is extremely easy to use.

The Wally Bifold is a single-piece, flip-to-open wallet with a steel money clip in the middle. The clip will hold as many as 30 notes – you can tighten it and loosen it, depending on the number of notes (and receipts) you want to carry. The wallet is made from full-grain leather. Real leather is durable, sleek and supple.

It has two pockets at either end of the body where you can keep your cards (up to 12 of them). These pockets have a “FlexLock” opening – you have to flex them to get them open. A spring-steel design on the pocket linings keeps your cards inside secure. For easy access to your cards, there’s a pull-tab. The wallet is available in three beautiful colors: Hickory, Ink, and Slate. The Wally Bifold is a little on the expensive side, but you get what you pay for.

2) Alpine Swiss Mens Wallet Leather Money Clip

Alpine Swiss Leather Money Clip

Is ultra-minimalist your thing? If so, you’ll love the Alpine Swiss Men’s Wallet Leather Money Clip. Alpine Swiss has a great reputation on Amazon. Their travel gear, clothes and wallets sell like hot cakes. The Alpine Swiss Money Clip is available at a very affordable price. Combined with its top build quality and simple design, it gets the second spot here and is our top pick for the best wallet with a money clip for minimalists.

The Alpine Swiss Money Clip has three card slots at the front and a single ID window at the back. The money clip is located at the front and is magnetic. The strength of the magnet is just right – not too weak (your money won’t fall off) and not too strong (you won’t have trouble retrieving it). You should be able to fit in 4-8 cards and several currency notes in the wallet.

The wallet is made from genuine leather, with a nice finish and excellent stitching. It’s only 4 inches high and 3 inches wide and will easily slide into the tightest of front pockets. You can buy it in eye-catching colors like Black, Brown, Crosshatch Black, and Crosshatch Blue.

3) Kinzd Money Clip Front Pocket Wallet

Kinzd Mens Slim Bifold Leather Front Pocket Wallet Review

The Kinzd Money clip is made of high-quality leather and has a simple design. It makes it to the third spot here thanks to its high popularity with customers and affordable price. It’s perhaps the best front pocket wallet with a money clip and RFID-blocking.

The Kinzd Money Clip is just 0.1 inches thick, 4.3 inches tall and 2.8 inches long. It’s a little bigger than the Alpine Swiss wallet – which is a good thing if you’re going to be putting international currency in it. It has three card slots, 1 ID display window and a single coin pocket. When full, it becomes a little bulky, but it will still fit in your shirt or jeans pockets. Kinzd also offers its wallet with a pull-tab feature, if you want to get to your cards quickly.

Unlike most magnetic money clip wallets that use two magnets, the Kinzd uses 4. This feature effectively doubles its carrying capacity. You should be able to fit in as many as 40 folded bills in the magnet, without worrying about them falling out. The strong magnet may mess with some of your cards, though, so watch out for that. The wallet is available in colors Black, Brown, and Khaki.

4) The Keplero Luxury Wallet

Keplero Luxury Wallet Review

The only reason why the Keplero Luxury Wallet is number 4 on our list is its somewhat prohibitive cost. If you go by the build quality, design and usability, it gets top marks and could be a worthwhile investment. The Keplero wallet began on Kickstarter and had an overwhelmingly successful fundraising campaign. It’s the best front pocket wallet on the market, hands down when it comes to durability.

The Keplero wallet is made from ultra-strong, lightweight carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is a material used in planes and high-end cars. It has an extremely high durability. In a Keplero wallet demonstration, they ran a steamroller over their wallet, and the wallet survived without a scratch.

The Keplero wallet is made up of magnetic layers or sections arranged on top of each other. It has four layers out-of-the-box, but you can choose to buy extra. The front and bottom layer hold a single credit card, while the middle layer can hold two. There’s a single money clip at the back for your cash. You can also fit in small keys, flash drives and a coin or two in the wallet. It’s available in a standard black. They also offer a cheaper Crystal ABS version that you might like.

5) Trayvax Axis Wallet

Trayvax Axis Wallet Review

The Trayvax Axis Wallet is an unusual looking wallet. It looks tough and rugged. It has excellent build quality and high durability. It’s also available at a reasonable price. Trayvax offers a lifetime warranty with the purchase. If you don’t want to replace your wallet every year, the Axis might be perfect for you. They also offer a more expensive version called the Element Wallet.

The Axis has a tough-looking steel body. It uses two steel plates, an MIL-spec paracord and nylon strap in its construction. The card strap is adjustable, so you’ll be able to fit in several cards here without trouble and get them secure. There’s a pocket where you can put some coins and keys. The Paracord is very strong, light and won’t stretch out of shape even with extensive use.

There’s a money clip for your cash with a non-magnetic design. You’ll have to roll up your bills thrice and then get strap through them. When you “close” the wallet, it forms an ID window, where you can put your license or passport card. There’s an attachment hole at the end, through which you could wind a chain or a carabiner.

Don’t Overlook These Beauties

The top 6-10 best money clip wallet selections are well worth your time. You might even like them more than our top picks:

SERMAN BRANDS RFID Blocking Bifold Slim Wallet

Serman Brands Review

MUTBAK Bunker- Front Pocket Money Clip Wallet

MUTBAK Bunker – Front Pocket Money Clip Wallet Review

Money Clip Wallet- Decommissioned Fire HOSE

Fire Hose Mens Wallet

VIOSI RFID Men's Leather Magnetic Front Pocket Money Wallet

Best mens wallet

Palm West Leather Money Clip Wallet

palm west wallet

Various kinds of wallets

What’s the difference between a wallet and a money clip? Is there a difference? If we take a money clip vs. a wallet, who wins? A money clip is a simple construction that is used that is used to carry several bills and sometimes cards and receipts. They are designed for people who don’t want wallets. They often have a simple construction consisting of a single-piece metal body that bends over itself. A money clip doesn’t enclose bills in any way.

Wallets tend to be bigger than money clips and have several pockets not just for money, but also for cards, receipts, coins and sometimes keys. Many wallet manufacturers pair a minimalist leather body with a money clip and call it a front-pocket wallet. Here are some of the most popular kinds of wallets available in the market at the moment:

Bi-folds and tri-folds

bifold and trifold wallet review

Bi-fold and Tri-fold wallets are classic wallets with plenty of money pockets, card slots, secret compartments, an ID window and sometimes a coin pouch. They are usually made of leather, though there are hybrid leather, polycarbonate, elastic, nylon and other material types available. Leather bi-folds and tri-folds can get heavy and bulky when you fill them up. It’s hard to carry such wallets and use them. Leather develops crimps, creases and other defects after constant use.

Metal wallets

metal men wallet review

Metal wallets are much sturdier and lighter than leather wallets. However, metal wallets are all small-sized and don’t have a lot of carrying capacity – they’re too hard and uncomfortable to make good regular-sized wallets. Metal wallets are made up of materials like aluminum, steel and rarely titanium. Titanium is popular with people who have allergies, as the metal is known to be hypoallergenic.

Card holders

Card Holder Wallet Review

Card holders are just like money clips – except they hold cards, not cash. You can fit anywhere from 4 to 40+ cards in a card holder. There are minimalistic card holders, regular card holders and large-sized ones. Some also come with pull-straps and spring-driven levers to help you access your cards easily.

Minimalist wallets

Hammer Anvil RFID Blocking Minimalist Slim Wallet Review

Everybody seems to prefer the bare basics these days. Minimalist wallets are smaller, convenient to carry and use. They don’t weigh much, even when full. There isn’t much room for cards and cash in a typical minimalist wallet. Usually, you get to fit in 4-6 cards and a few bills – that’s about it. If you can forego room for additional cards, cash and receipts, then you’ll love a minimalist wallet.

Brands that Make Excellent Money Clip Wallets

Some brands have been making wallets for a long time and have almost perfected the process. Here is a collection of top brands that make some excellent money clip wallets:


fossil leather wallet review

Fossil is a well-known clothing, apparel, and accessories brand, with a reputation for preppy design and superior quality. While their watches are their mainstay, they also produce great leather wallets, many of which receive excellent reviews from critics and experts.

The Fossil Ingram is a best-seller in their inventory. It’s a simple, bare-bones wallet with a magnetic money clip at the back. The wallet has four pockets in all – 3 at the front and one at the back. You can fit in 8 cards at the most in it. The money clip is at the back and will hold several folded notes.

Herschel Supply Co.

Herschel Wallet Review

Herschel Supply Co. is a relatively new company, but they have managed to acquire a reputation for excellent workmanship in the short time they’ve been around. They make travel gear and day-to-day use items like clothes, bags and wallets.

The Herschel Supply Co.’s Card Holder money clip is one of their best products. It is available in standout, quirky colors that you’ll like if you’re tired of black and brown. The wallet has a metal money clip at the back and three pockets at the front to store at the most 6 cards.


Timberland Mens Wallet Review

Timberland is known for making rugged, long-lasting boots and shoes. It also makes clothing and apparel for men, women and children. Their wallets are well-designed and have the trademark Timberland look and feel.

The Timberland Men’s Hunter Flip-Flop is a nice little wallet. It’s a bi-fold wallet with a twist – the money clip is accessible when the wallet is closed and there are two easy-access pockets at the front. When you open the wallet up, there’s an ID window to the left and a side-facing pocket to the right.

Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Ranger Leather Passcase Wallet Review

Everyone knows Tommy Hilfiger. Their creations are regularly splashed across the pages of popular magazines. The company is known for their designer and casual lifestyle products, but they also make great accessories – like wallets.

At 5 x 4 x 1.3 (Height, Length x Thickness), the Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Fordham Slim Front Pocket wallet is a little bigger than usual – but it gives you a lot of room for cash and cards in return. There are three compartments in the front and one at the back. There’s a magnetic money clip for your cash, with a nice brand logo/plaque.


tumi wallet review

Tumi has been around since 1975. They make great travel luggage and backpacks, as well as some daily-use accessories. Their wallets are popular with customers and regularly receive positive reviews.

The Tumi Men’s Alpha Card Holder with Money Clip is unique that it’s made up of ballistic nylon! Nylon is tough and you don’t have to baby it at all. The Alpha Card holder has a leather trim, though, so you’ll have to be a little careful with it. The wallet has 4 pockets for cards and receipts. The money clip at the back isn’t magnetic – which is a necessity for some.

Buying Guide: Considerations to Make Before Buying a Wallet

Yes, we know you’ve owned a wallet before. There are a lot of wallets out there, though, and finding the right one can be hard – especially if you don’t know what to look for. Many people make impulse buys and end up regretting it later. To help you out, we’ve created a list of some considerations you should make before finalizing a purchase:


Are you sure you can make do with a minimalistic wallet? Try to make a list of cards you use on a regular basis and see if the wallet you like will hold them. Stuffing the wallet – especially if it’s a leather wallet– is not a good idea. Leather gets out of shape easily. If you need to carry a lot of cards, coins and other knickknacks, get a slim wallet instead of a minimalist one. If you’re getting a money clip wallet, check to see if the clip can hold several bills well.


Do you want a leather wallet, a hybrid one or something made of metal? Metal wallets will last you a long time, but they aren’t flexible and perhaps don’t have the character that leather wallets do. Leather needs to be taken care of and will begin to age quickly. Nylon and elastic wallets are a good option if you want something light and durable.


You know the dangers of a large wallet by now. Not only are they uncomfortable to carry, but they are also hard to use. Front-pocket wallets are much more convenient to carry and will fit your pocket along with a smartphone and keys – but you sometimes have to sacrifice on carrying capacity for the privilege.


Money clips look cool, but some of them aren’t really usable. You have to handle the magnetic ones with care – overload them and the magnet will fail you. Magnets are also known to mess up credit cards and hotel room keys, if you expose them to the magnetic field for too long. Try to keep a wad of cash between the magnets at all times to reduce the effect. Other money clip types are generally a safer option. Always get a wallet that’ll you’ll enjoy using.


Should you worry about RFID protection? Despite what some people claim and what the media says, some research will reveal that RFID-blocking isn’t necessary. Modern cards carry encrypted data. They also don’t carry critical data, like your PIN ATM number. If you feel safer with RFID, though, there’s no reason not to get a RFID wallet.


You’ll be pulling your wallet out several times a day, giving lots of people a chance to see it. Get something that goes with your personal style and preferences. Leather wallets look tasteful and some of them (the ones with full-grain, well-treated leather) age well. Metal wallets will always remain sleek and shiny. Polycarbonate, nylon fiber and elastic don’t look as good, but sometimes functionality matters more than looks.

To Wrap Things Up

Money clip wallets are a great buy if you want to replace your bulky wallet with something light, convenient-to-use and durable. Money clip wallets stay good-looking longer, don’t give you backaches and don’t cause your credit cards to get bent out of shape – making them a smart buy.

All the products we’ve listed here have excellent build qualities and outstanding design, and there are only a few minor differences and variations between them. You won’t be disappointed if you purchase any one of them. We hope you find the best money clip wallet out there – which matches your personal tastes and preferences - with the help of our buyer’s guide!

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