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Keep Your Travel Documents Safe: Best Travel Wallets Guide

The Best Travel Wallets on the Market

How do you say a wallet is the best travel passport wallet out there? We’ve scoured the internet for reliable, easy to use and affordable wallets. In our books, a wallet is good if it is well-made, looks good, is convenient to carry and use and holds all your stuff securely. RFID-blocking and other bells and whistles are a bonus but don’t really carry as much weight as the factors we listed before.

Here is our best travel wallet list, which includes everything from the best neck wallet to excellent passport holders:

1) Travelambo RFID Blocking Genuine Leather Passport Holder Wallet

travelambo wallet review

Travelambo is a well-known brand that makes very popular travel luggage and accessories. Their RFID Blocking Genuine Leather Passport Holder Wallet is a best seller and makes it to the top of our list on account of its minimalistic design, excellent build quality and good looks. It doesn’t hurt that it’s available in 7 gorgeous colors: black, blue, brown, green, pink, purple, and red. It can be used by both men and women.

The Travelambo wallet is made from genuine leather, the kind that’s soft, strong and flexible. Leather – if it’s really genuine – always holds up well, even after extended use. There’s plenty of room in the wallet. When you open it up (it has a simple bi-fold design), the right section holds your passport in a simple slide-in pocket. There are four slots for any cards you might need while traveling. There are also two currency pockets where you can fold and tuck in your notes.

The wallet is compact for a travel wallet – at about 6 inches tall and 4 inches long – making it easy to carry. It has an RFID-blocking feature, if that’s a necessity for you. It will shield your cards, but the manufacturer asks you to note that it won’t shield ID badges and hotel key cards. The Travelambo is perhaps the best passport wallet you can get, considering the affordable price.

2) Venture 4th Travel Neck Pouch with RFID Blocking

neck pouch wallet review

Prefer a neck wallet instead of something you have to carry in your hand? Neck wallets are very comfortable to carry and convenient to use. The Venture 4th Travel Neck Pouch consistently receives super positive reviews from customers. Combined with its affordable price and clever design, it manages to snag the second spot on our list.

The Venture 4th Travel Neck Pouch is big (less than twice the size of a regular wallet at 5.5 inches tall and 8 inches long), but it’s still compact and maneuverable. There’s plenty of room inside for all your items – including your music player, phone, passport, tickets, cards, cash, receipts and paper notes. There are two zippered pockets where you can keep money and your passport, a Velcro pocket for coins and quick retrieve items and an ID window which holds boarding passes.

The Venture 4th pouch is made from tough, lightweight nylon. You’ll hardly feel its weight if you hang it around your neck (provided it’s empty, of course). The base version doesn’t have RFID protection, but you can get sleeves for them for a little extra money. You can buy the pouch in black, brown, grey, and silver. Thanks to its high usability and low asking price, we believe it’s the best neck wallet for travel.

3) Shacke Hidden Travel Belt Wallet with RFID Blocker

Shacke Hidden Travel Belt Wallet Review

Are you someone who prefers not to leave your documents and money in your hotel room? The Shacke Hidden Travel Belt Wallet was made for you. It can be tucked inside your pants and carried pressed against your leg. If you go by safety, it’s the best travel wallet on the market. It loses out a little on accessibility, though, as it can be difficult to retrieve your stuff quickly. If you value security over convenience, this wallet is for you.

The Shacke Hidden Travel Belt wallet has a tough nylon strap that you can hook around your belt. There are three big pockets: the top pocket holds bills, the side pocket is for your passport and the bottom pocket is for cards. The pockets are zippered and the zippers themselves are well-made. It has a soft, breathable back that rests against your skin without causing any irritation.

The nylon material makes the Shacke wallet durable. It will hold up well even after extended use. It has RFID protection to block wireless scanners. It’s about twice the height of a regular wallet.

4) Zoppen Multi-puprose RFID Blocking Travel Passport Wallet

Zoppen Multi-puprose RFID Blocking Travel Passport Wallet review

The Zoppen Multi-purpose RFID Blocking Travel Passport Wallet gets top marks in the looks department. It’s made from top-grade eco-friendly leather and – with its envelope shape – looks classy. It’s available in over 20 colors and makes for a great travel accessory for women.

The Zoppen wallet is roomy as well as stylish. There are a large number of pockets and compartments inside like a passport pocket, a boarding pass section, ID slot, card slots, coins slot and a key holder and pen holder. The wallet has RFID-blocking too.

The Zoppen wallet has received excellent reviews from previous customers, who praise its looks and usefulness. If you’re looking for a roomy, convenient-to-carry wallet, this is the best passport wallet you’ll find.

5) Bellroy Travel Wallet Travel Document Holder

Bellroy Slim Sleeve Wallet Review

If you don’t mind breaking the bank, you’ll love the Bellroy travel wallet. The Bellroy brand is known for making high-quality, durable, classy wallets that have excellent utilitarian designs. The Bellroy Travel Wallet and Travel Document Holder is a very stylish men’s wallet with a simple bi-fold design. It’s available in colors like Black, Midnight and Caramel.

The Bellroy Travel Wallet is slim and handy, with dimensions of 3.8 x 6 inches (height and length). It’s made from top-grain leather which ages well and is pretty tough. There’s a single money pocket inside, a passport pocket to the right and easy-access card slots to the left.

The Bellroy wallet is very thin and looks more like an ordinary wallet than a travel wallet. The simple bi-fold design is a lifesaver if you want to get to your stuff quickly. We believe it’s the best passport wallet when it comes to convenience.

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villini wallet

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alpine swiss wallet

Types of Travel Wallets

There are many, many kinds of travel wallets out there. Some are only slightly bigger than your ordinary wallet, while others are monstrosities that you’ll have trouble carrying in one hand. Here are some of the most popular kinds of travel wallets money can buy:

Neck pouches

neck pouch wallet review

Neck pouches are meant to be carried around your neck. They are usually roomy and have plenty of room for all your stuff. They can be tucked into your shirt too.

Passport cases

passport case review

Passport cases are just thin covers for your passport, with an additional credit card slot or two on the side. These can fit into neck pouches.

Minimalist wallets

Minimalist Wallet Review

Some people prefer to carry their passports in their pockets and their money and cards in their wallets. A minimalist wallet is a very small wallet which will hold a handful of cards and some cash. It fits front pockets.

Passport wallets

samsonite wallet review

Passport wallets are above-average sized wallets that hold several cards, a pen, receipts, money and other items.

Belt wallets

belt wallet review

Belt wallets are meant to be worn around your waist. They have great storage capacities and provide a great deal of security.

Best Travel Wallet Brands

Some brands have been making travel accessories for a long, long time. They have great reputations, high-quality products and crowds of loyal customers. Here are some of the best brands:


samsonite wallet review

Everyone has heard of Samsonite. They make great mid-range and high-end travel luggage and bags like suitcases, roll-ons, duffel bags and more. Their products are used by people all over the world. They have a great travel accessories range, including passport holders, pouches and wallets. If you want the quality assurance of a big brand name, the Samsonite Luggage Wallet is a good purchase.

Alpine Swiss

Alpine Swiss Wallet Review

Alpine Swiss makes clothes, apparel and accessories for men and women. Their products are very popular on Amazon.com. They make minimalist wallets, Passcase wallets as well as travel wallets. The Alpine Swiss RFID Blocking Passport Case Leather Travel Organizer Wallet is a solid product.

Herschel Supply Co.

Herschel Wallet Review

Herschel Supply Co. is a comparative newcomer, arriving on the scene in 2009, but has quickly made a name for itself for quality and reliability. Their products often have unusual looks and are available in a variety of colors. The Raynor Passport holder is one of their best travel products, made from pure, highly durable polyester.

Buying Guide

Finding a good travel wallet is difficult. Our buying guide talks about the things you have to keep in mind while buying one:


Leather looks good, but it won’t be as durable or long-lasting as nylon, elastic and polycarbonates. Premium, top-grade leather does last for several years, though – only developing small crimps, creases and other signs of wear. Leather also tends to be comfortable to hold. Look for a material that’s water-resistant and tear-resistant, if possible.


Pickpocketing is a big problem abroad. It’s harder for pickpockets to get to a wallet that you carry in your front pocket, on your belt or around your neck. Try to find something that you know will give you an edge over thieves. RFID-protection isn’t really necessary, despite what many people claim. Modern credit cards don’t broadcast your data for everyone to steal.


Do you really need a wallet with multiple pockets and pouches? Traveling light is always a good idea. Minimalist wallets are usually too small, but a passport wallet is usually a perfect fit for most occasions. If you’re with your family, though, and need to carry stuff for your kids, it might be better if you get a larger-than-usual wallet.


You’re going to be using the wallet several times a day. You might need to retrieve your passport, boarding pass, tickets, cards and other items quickly sometimes. Zippered wallets are secure, but unzipping them all the time can be a pain. Usability matters!

Beware of fakes

Always buy your product from a reputable retailer. There are a lot of knockoffs on the market and many people end up with fakes that fall apart at the seams within a month of use. Read the newest customer reviews to ensure you’re getting a genuine product.

Found the best travel wallet yet?

We hope our best travel wallet guide helped you find the perfect wallet. For best results, always read first-hand reviews from customers that have owned that item for a while. If a large number of people like something, chances are it’s a worthwhile purchase.

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