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Afraid you’ll lose Your Wallet? Switch to the Ekster Slim!

ekster wallet review

We carry our wallets with us everywhere. They contain money, IDs, credit cards, receipts and other important items. Losing a wallet or having it stolen can be catastrophic. While you’ll eventually replace the lost money, getting new IDs and cards can be a major headache. Can you keep your wallet from getting stolen or lost? The Ekster Slim wallet promises to do just that! In this Ekster wallet review, we’ll give you a closer look at the outstanding wallet:

The Ekster Slim wallet is no ordinary wallet

The Ekster Slim is a top rated wallet that has a built-in anti-misplacement and anti-theft measure. Whenever your wallet moves beyond a certain range, you’ll automatically receive a notification on your phone. You can use the app to then quickly track down your phone. The wallet also comes with a nifty reverse-tracking feature – by pressing a button on the wallet, your phone will start to ring. If you tend to lose your things or are traveling and worried about pickpockets, this tracking feature can be a lifesaver.

How does the tracking feature work? There’s a removable tracking card that’s inserted into the wallet. This tracking card can communicate with your phone. It’s solar-powered and a single charge (about 3 hours in the sunlight) will get it to run for a month.

The Ekster Slim, apart from its USP tracking feature, is also a capable every day use leather wallet. The Ekster range includes a cardholder, tracker card, and an iPhone case. The Slim wallet has two versions: the Senate and the Parliament. The Senate is a minimalist cardholder while the Parliament is a bi-fold wallet that makes a great replacement for your regular wallet. In our Ekster Wallet review, we’ll examine the Parliament wallet first:

ekster senate wallet vs pairlament

Ekster Slim Wallet Overview


0.59 inch x 4.1 inch x 2.7 inch (thickness x height x length)


Classic Brown, Nappa Black, Steel Blue, Roma Cognac


10+ cards, cash strap for money, single main cash pocket and hidden pocket for knickknacks


Protection for 6 cards

How does the Parliament wallet hold up against your regular bi-fold leather wallet? 


Size-wise, the Parliament is as big as a regular bi-fold leather wallet – except it is much slimmer. While it won’t fit into all front pockets, it will slip into your back pocket easily and you probably won’t notice it’s there even while sitting on it. It will bulge a bit when you fill it up though. The cash strap also adds to the bulk of the wallet.


They’ve used premium Dutch/German top-grain leather for the wallet. They tan it in their own tannery and the process is very environmentally friendly. But does the leather hold up well in everyday conditions? Yes, it does. The leather is truly of high quality and won’t stain or tear easily. It will also repel a small amount of water. Being top-grain leather, it will age well, without losing too much shape. The stitching on the wallet is uniform and looks strong.


You can place over 10 cards, some tickets, paper receipts, coins and small items in the wallet. Only 6 of the cards in the wallet - placed in the card holder - will be RFID protected. If you need to stuff in more cards, you can put them in the main pocket. The wallet will hold all kinds of international currency. There’s also a cash strap that will hold small items like keys and even your phone, if it’s small.


The Parliament shines when it comes to ease of use. It has a patented button press design for card retrieval – you press the button at the bottom corner of the wallet and your cards will pop out (without shooting out). You can get a good grip on the wallet with a single hand. You can keep your money in a regular bi-fold pocket. There’s also a secret compartment in the back that you can place receipts or ticket stubs inside if you’re in a hurry. 


The wallet is very attractive. It’s available in 4 eye-catching colors: brown, black, blue, and cognac. All colors are distinctive and make the wallet look stylish and expensive. The cards, when you press the button, will cascade out attractively. The leather is elegant, the stitching looks uniform and there aren’t too many major creases after prolonged use.

        Pros                                        Cons

  • Thinner than a leather wallet
  • Easy card retrieval with patented button-press design
  • ​High capacity
  • ​High-quality calf skin leather, looks good
  • RFID Protection 
  • ​Anti-theft, anti-loss tracking feature
  • ​Can help you find your phone
  • Fun to use
  • Leather needs to be taken care of
  • Not for minimalists 

The Senate vs. the Parliament

ekster slim wallet reviews

Don’t like bulky wallets? The Ekster Senate is a simple cardholder that might appeal to you. When we consider the Senate vs. the Parliament, which is better? When it comes to size, the Senate wins– it’s smaller and lighter – but not by much. In terms of capacity, the Parliament holds 10 cards while the Senate holds 7. Unlike the Parliament, the Senate doesn’t have an extra foldable card pocket or tracker card pocket. Apart from that, though, both products are similar. The Senate is more suited to minimalists that don’t need to carry a lot of stuff with them.

The Verdict: Ekster Wallets are a Worthwhile Purchase

To sum up our Ekster Wallet review, we’ll say both the Senate and the Parliament are worthwhile purchases. The wallets are light – they won’t weigh your pocket down too much - and stylish. The simple button-press feature allows you to access your often-used cards quickly even when you’re in a hurry. There’s plenty of room in the wallets for your money, cards, receipts and other small items. Finally, the tracking feature is what makes the Ekster range such a great purchase – you won’t have to worry about losing your wallet or it being stolen ever again!

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