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Fight the Electronic Pickpocketing Epidemic with the ID Stronghold RFID Men’s Wallet

id stronghold wallet review

Electronic pickpocketing is on the rise globally. People now have their credit card and other important information stolen, without the card itself being touched. How does that happen? Thieves, armed with readers, can scan a tag on a credit or debit card – all while being several feet away from the card, without touching it. RFID protection prevents that from happening by blocking electronic signals and is fast becoming a necessity.

The ID Stronghold Mens RFID Leather Wallet is a frontrunner in the fight against identity theft. Many wallet manufacturers use RFID as a marketing gimmick, but ID Stronghold has really put some research and development efforts into it. The wallet is GSA approved and used by government employees. Apart from its strong ID protection, the wallet itself is a standout product. In this ID Stronghold Wallet review, we’ll help you determine if it’s worth your time and money.

ID Stronghold Men's RFID Wallet  Overview


Bifold Wallet


4.8 x 3.6 x 1 inch


3.2 ounces 


Black, Brown, and Tan


Genuine Leather 


Eleven card slots, three secret compartments and 2 flat pockets for currency

A Closer Look at the Wallet

In our ID Stronghold Wallet review, we’ll first take a look at the design and build, before moving on to the RFID protection feature:


At 4.8 x 3.6 inches, the ID Stronghold Mens RFID Leather Wallet is standard sized. It should fit easily into your back pocket, but it might have trouble sliding into your front pocket – especially if you’re carrying a lot in it. If you put it in your back pocket, you will probably be uncomfortable while sitting on it. Bulging wallets aren’t good for anyone’s back.


The wallet has a pretty high carrying capacity. It will hold over 11 cards securely, including your credit cards, passport, driver’s license, hotel key and transit cards. If you have any more cards to carry, you could put them in the secret compartment – though they won’t benefit from the RFID feature. There’s plenty of room for currency, pictures and receipts in the wallet.


The wallet is made of genuine, high-quality leather. It’s sturdy and durable – you’ll be able to use it for years before having to replace it. The stitching on the wallet is also pretty strong, so there’s no danger of frayed ropes. The slots, flap and pockets inside are tough. It should be able to shrug off light stains, some water and heavy use with little trouble.

Ease of use

Being a bifold wallet, it’s easy to organize your money, cards and other items inside. You can put the cards you access constantly in the front card pockets, and hide the lesser-used cards inside. There’s room enough for all types of international currency. The leather of the wallet gives you a good grip, so it won’t slip through your fingers if you pull it out when you’re in a hurry. There’s no zipper or button to worry about either.


The wallet is nothing special in the looks department. That’s not to say the wallet is bad to look at - the leather of the wallet is pretty attractive and it has a nice thin design – but it’s not outstanding. The logo on the wallet gives it a unique, premium look. It’s available in 3 different colors: brown, black, and tan. The black and brown are subtle colors, while the tan is a little more standout.

The RFID Feature

id stronghold mens rfid leather wallet

The standout feature on the wallet is the RFID blocking. ID stronghold has been in the anti-pickpocketing business for over a decade. Many of their products are GSA approved and are very popular with government employees. With many supposedly RFID-blocking cards, card readers can still scan through the wallet material to get to the data on the card. That’s not the case with the RFID wallet – it will fully block out every signal at 13.56 MHz and above.

Unlike most other wallets, the RFID protection will work even when you flip the wallet open. Additionally, the protection is applied to each and every card slot individually – meaning all 11 slots in the wallet are safe. You can put your cards inside and forget about them.

The ID Stronghold RFID Front Pocket Mini Wallet

The regular bifold wallet might be too bulky for some. For minimalists, ID Stronghold also has a mini wallet that will fit your shirt pocket. It’s much smaller and lighter than the regular wallet – you’ll be able to slip it inside your pocket and forget about it. It won’t, of course, hold as much as the regular one. You can fit in 3 cards, an ID card and some folded cash/receipts coins in a zippered pocket. Your cards will be fully protected from e-theft. The mini version is available in a variety of colors (and can make a good purchase for women) like pink, blue, black, green, and red.

         Pros                                       Cons

  • Full protection against electronic theft
  • Durable, can take heavy use
  • ​High capacity, will hold all your cards
  • ​No metal parts or rivets
  • ​Long-lasting leather, ages well
  • Makes for a good gift
  • May become bulky if overloaded
  • Average looks
  • Not good for minimalists

Should you buy the ID Stronghold wallet?

id stronghold mens rfid leather wallet

To conclude our ID Stronghold Wallet review, we believe you can’t go wrong with purchasing it, especially if you travel a lot. It’s almost a necessity to own an RFID sleeve these days while traveling to countries in Europe (and elsewhere) – there’s been a big spike in the amount of thefts there recently. This wallet gives you great protection against e-pickpocketing and is very convenient to carry and use. If you don’t like the idea of a bulky bifold wallet, you could consider the smaller version. The wallet – especially the mini version – also makes for a great Christmas present.

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