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The Keplero Luxury Wallet Could Last You a Lifetime

keplero wallet review

Wallets aren’t exactly known for being long lasting. Many people, in fact, go through them like they’re going out of style. Others have wallet collections that fill up whole cabinets. If you’re tired of hunting for new wallets all the time and need a quality wallet that won’t give out too quickly, then the Keplero Luxury Wallet should be perfect for you.

 The Keplero Wallet is made up of super-durable carbon fiber that is used to make high-end cars and aircrafts. It carries the distinction of being the most funded wallet project ever, having overshot the $10k goal by over half a million.

In our Keplero Wallet review, we’ll be exploring the various features of the wallet in more detail, so you can decide if it’s a worthwhile purchase:

The Keplero Luxury Wallet Overview


4.1 inch x 2.59 inch (Length x width)


Will vary, starts from 0.15 inch


0.98 oz


6 card slots for base version, 1 money clip



How does Keplero compare to a regular wallet?

A regular good-quality wallet is thin, light and made up of materials like leather and canvas. It is capable of carrying your money, a sizeable number of cards, paper receipts, coins and occasionally keys and other small knickknacks. The Keplero Carbon Fiber Wallet will blow a regular wallet out of the water. It’s lighter, more durable and much better looking than your average wallet. Our Keplero Wallet review will examine wallet features like the size, build material, holding capacity, usability, and looks so you can see why it’s a standout wallet:


The Keplero Luxury Wallet – at 4.1 inch x 2.59 inch – is small enough to be a minimalist wallet. It will easily fit in the palm of your hand and you can slide it in your front or back pocket, even when the wallet is full. The wallet is comprised of layers stacked on top of each other, each layer holding some of your cards and other small items. The wallet’s thickness will go up based on the number of layers you add to it (additional layers are optional). Even with additional layers, the wallet remains thin. It won’t bulge like leather wallets or get bent out of shape with time.


The wallet is made up of high-quality carbon fiber. Carbon fiber is known to be extremely durable and lightweight. What’s more, it doesn’t deteriorate with time, so it could potentially last a lifetime. It won’t get bent out of shape easily. It’s water-resistant and hard to scratch. The wallet layers are magnetized – they stick to each other with magnetic force. The magnetic material is fixed to the carbon fiber via a mechanical press, with the help of a special chemical fluid. In a stress test, they rolled a steamroller weighing 5.5k lb over the wallet without it breaking.


The wallet won’t hold dozens of cards like some card holders out there. You can fit in 6 cards in the base version of the Keplero Carbon Fiber Wallet. If you add an additional layer, you can add a couple of cards more. In the base version, if you put in 4 cards, you can use the rest of the space to fit in small keys, flash drives, coins and other tiny items. There’s an (optional) money clip at the back of the wallet which can hold money – quite a lot of it, if necessary.

Ease of use

The Keplero wallet is very easy to use. Being small and light, you won’t even notice it when it’s in your pocket (which could be a bad thing). To get to your cards, you will need to fan out a magnetic layer and push the card up with your thumb (or other finger). It’s simple enough to place your cards inside it and retrieve them, once you get a hang of the process. Unlike with your regular wallet, you won’t need both hands for retrieval. You can reduce or add layers to the wallet as necessary – the smallest size being the “box” which is the top and bottom layer. The money clip makes accessing cash easy. Finally, you won’t need to baby the wallet and it can be used pretty roughly.


It’s available (at the moment) in a single black variant, with a dark silver patterning. From afar as well as up close, the wallet appears sleek, shiny and expensive. From some angles, it appears more like a portable disk drive than a wallet. It’s definitely one of the better looking wallets in the market and lives up to its luxury designation.

       Pros                                    Cons

  • Outstanding looks
  • RFID protection
  • ​Can be used with one hand
  • ​Highly durable, won’t be affected by drops
  • ​Thin and light, fits into any pocket
  • Can also be used by women
  • Low holding capacity

The Keplero 2.0 Crystal ABS

keplero luxury wallet

The Keplero 2.0 Crystal ABS is cheaper than its carbon fiber counterpart. It is available in a variety of colors like white, transparent green and transparent yellow. Unlike the carbon fiber version, you can customize the top layer of this wallet. What does the customization entail? They can print a variety of quirk pictures, colors and patterns on it. Some of the popular patterns/options used include superhero, science, games, animals, quirky animations and much more. If you think the regular carbon fiber version is too drab for your tastes, you might like the 2.0 version. While the 2.0 isn’t RFID-proof out-of-the-box, you can buy a card protector from the manufacturer that can keep your cards safe.

Should you buy it?

We’ll end our Keplero Wallet review by saying it’s a worthwhile buy, especially for minimalists. Unlike most wallets, this one can take a beating. It looks good, and is joy to carry and use. It’s also a onetime purchase – you won’t need a new one for a few years, at the very least.

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