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Worried About Electronic Pickpocketing? Try the Lock Wallet!

Lock Wallet Review

Electronic pickpocketing has become a major concern in recent years. Thieves armed with scanners are capable of stealing information from the credit cards that you carry. The thieves don’t even need to come in contact with the card – they can scan it while it’s in your pocket and they’re standing several feet away from you.

Protecting yourself against electronic pickpocketing

Many people don’t believe electronic pickpocketing is a credible threat. Expert opinions also vary. However, there are verified instances where people have had their credit cards being used without the cards themselves being stolen. Modern credit cards are fitted with RFID chips. These chips can be read by scanners and a thief will be able to pick out information like your name as well as the credit card number.

Modern cards with RFID chips don’t transfer all your crucial data though, like a PIN or a CVV. However, a skilled theif will be able to take a picture of your details when you’re using the card at a store or at an ATM. It’s better to be safe and get RFID-blocking protection than not. The Lock Wallet – according to the manufacturer - is a RFID-protected wallet that can safely store your cards and foil electronic data theft attempts. But does the Lock wallet work or is it a marketing sham? Find out in the Lock Wallet review:

The Lock Wallet Overview




Black, brown, aqua, blue, gold, orange, purple  and red


Single zippered pocket, holds 36 cards and some cash, one easy access window

What do you need from an ideal wallet?

The right wallet should be able to carry your credit cards, IDs, loyalty cards, insurance cards, room keys, coins, cash and paper receipts. It should be easy to handle, allowing you to retrieve everything inside quickly, and also be sturdy. You’ll probably encounter bad weather once in a while, so the wallet shouldn’t allow water to destroy the contents inside ideally. Finally, it’s always good if the wallet is good looking as well as functional. So how does the Lock Wallet stack up against the criteria we set? Does the Lock Wallet work? Let’s find out in the Lock Wallet review:


The Lock Wallet is somewhat on the bulkier side for a wallet. It’s about as thick, long and tall as a regular tri-fold leather wallet. It gets bulkier when you fill it with cards and cash. You will have trouble fitting it into your front pocket. It should fit into your back pocket, but don’t expect to feel comfortable when you sit on it. It’s not as small and compact as some of the competitors in its price range. When full, it is also pretty heavy.


This wallet is 100% genuine leather. The card compartments on the inside are made up of plastic film, through which your cards are visible. The zipper isn’t as sturdy as it should be. The stitching on the wallet looks strong. The wallet should do okay with a little water, but it will suffer if you dunk it in. The leather doesn’t seem to be tear-resistant, so you’ll have to be careful while you use it. Some Lock Wallet reviews from customers compare the leather to cheap plastic.


There is room inside the wallet for 10 individual cards. There’s a single window pocket outside where you can slide in some ID or a frequently-used card. If you don’t fill the wallet to the brim with cards, there’s room in it for some folded currency notes. You might also be able to fit a few keys and coins – but not many. When the wallet is full, there’s barely any room for other items.


The zipper goes along the whole body and keeps the wallet shut. You need to open up the zipper fully to retrieve your cards. You’ll have a bit of trouble removing the cards, as the slots are tight. The zipper itself is delicate and needs to be handled with care – otherwise it’ll break off in your hands. In some Lock Wallet reviews from customers, they reported the zipper breaking off in a month. You won’t be able to carry too many coins in the wallet. However, the wallet is reasonably sturdy and has high card capacity, good for when you’re traveling.


Although the wallet is 100% genuine leather, it looks subtly shiny and compact when you hold it.  All of the color choices are reasonably attractive. You’ll be able to insert a suitable card in the Window slot to make the wallet look better.

Pros                               Cons

  • High card carrying capacity, over 36 cards
  • Can carry currency, coins,  and receipts
  • Can be zippered shut
  • RFID protection
  • Outer card window
  • Low quality zipper 
  • Can get bulky
  • Hard to retrieve cards and cash

Is the Lock wallet a good buy?

Lock Wallet for Women review

Lock wallet reviews from customers are a mixed bag. Some really love the compact size and the high card carrying capacity. Others complain about the zipper and how hard it is to get the cards into the sleeves. So what’s our verdict? To conclude our Lock wallet review, we’ll say the wallet isn’t for everyone, but it’s a great purchase at its price point (you get what you pay for). If you’re willing to pay a little more, there are other options available like the Ridge.

The RFID protection – even if it only works when the wallet is zippered shut – will keep your information safe from thieves. There’s enough room in there for all your cards, even if you have an above average collection. The wallet can also be used as a card holder or a temporary stand-in for when you’re traveling.

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