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Machine Era Ti5 Slim Wallet Review

machine era wallet review

Are you tired of your old wallet taking up too much space and creating a bulge in your pocket? If so, you’re not the only one. Many people complain that their wallets actually cause more trouble than they solve.

Luckily for us, Machine Era has designed a wallet that eliminates this issue from the get-go. This minimalist wallet was created specifically for carrying the essential cash and credit cards in a safe and practical manner, without causing that awkward bulging effect.

In this Machine Era wallet review, you will find out all the necessary info and whether this wallet is right for you.

3 Traits of a High Quality Wallet

Before diving into specifics, let’s just mention a couple of things you should look out for when buying a wallet. The first and obvious thing is the quality of the material. Low quality leather or metal will usually tear apart on the edges, lose color, or  peel in a relatively short period of time. It’s of vital importance that the wallet is either made of high quality leather, or a durable metal like titanium.

The second thing to watch out for is the size. As you’re probably aware, if the wallet is not designed properly, it’s hard to fit in the required amount of money, credit cards, and other accessories. On the other hand, if it’s awkwardly huge, with dozens of little buttons and crevices, it not only looks bad, but can also feel like an awkward attachment glued on your leg as you walk.

The third aspect you should concern yourself with is the appearance. Tastes of course differ from one person to the next, but there are some wallets that simply look better than the others.

T15 Machine Era Wallet Overview

machine era slim wallet review

With that being said, how well does the T15 Machine Era wallet fit in these criteria? First of all, the wallet is made from aerospace grade titanium. Titanium is one of the top materials when it comes to building small and feather-light objects. The wallet is very light and you basically don’t feel any heaviness while you walk with it in your pocket. The material also ensures the longevity of the wallet, as it won’t tear apart in any normal circumstance. It could easily last decades without losing it's appearance.

The design of the Machine Era wallet is very simple and modern. It’s size is exactly that of a regular credit card, with a slightly raised encasing barrier surrounding the stored up content, and an elastic band that keeps all of the contents stacked inside. The back side is made from thinly distributed titanium, and also has a small thumb slot opening in the middle. The thumb slot feature actually serves two purposes. The first one is to allow the user to get the credit cards out of the wallet by simply pushing them slightly through the slot. The more interesting one is that it’s also a bottle opener. That’s some Batman gear right there.

machine era wallet

As far as the carrying capacity is concerned, the wallet allows you to place 6 or 8 cards (depending on whether you get the extra slim or standard version) and also a fair amount of folded cash. And the last thing to notice is the appeareance. It’s a silver-gray tray with a small logo on the bottom. It looks quite minimalistic and orderly, especially when you see the contents neatly and securely stacked inside.


  • Made in the USA, Virginia
  • Holds up to 8 cards
  • Made from Aerospace Grade Titanium
  • Has a special thumb slot + bottle opener feature
  • RFID protection
  • Weighs just 0.6 oz


After reading this Machine Era wallet review, you’ve probably already got the feeling of what to expect.

The pros that are mentioned by most users of this wallet incude the ultra-light, yet sturdy material, and the thin silver tray that doesn’t stand out when placed in a pocket. Coupled with enough space to place 6-8 cards and cash, it’s hard to find anything to complain about.

The other cool feature is of course, the bottle opener. Although the thumb slots main purpose is to actually get the cards out easier, getting the cards out is easy enough from the other side as well.


We tried to think of something bad to say in order to make this Machine Era wallet review seem balanced. However, we really can’t find any fault with the product. The only problem you might have is if you buy it with the intention of stashing a pile of coins or cash. That’s not what this slim wallet is for. It’s a minimalistic solution to huge wallets, but it’s not a huge wallet by any means.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for an alternative to big and often unpractical wallets, the Ti5 slim wallet is the obvious solution. It’s a Batman (or James Bond?) style wallet that focuses on the essentials. We hope this Machine Era slim wallet review has expanded your knowledge of this product and you’ll make use of it by getting exactly what you’re after.

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