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The SlimFold Soft Shell Wallet Review: Good Things Come in Small Packages

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Everyone has good things to say about the SlimFold Soft Shell Wallet. It’s been around since 2013 and has gone on to dominate the small wallet niche. The super-thin, lightweight and stylish wallet - manufactured locally in San Francisco – is perfect for heavy everyday use. Its rugged design, waterproof material and small proportions also make it a handy travel accessory.

The SlimFold Wallet Overview


Micro (2.8"L x 4"W) or Original (3.5"L x 5"W)

Primary Color

Black and Gray (only one variation with orange stitching)

Stitching Color

Black, Gray, Orange, Red

So should you be spending your hard earned money on it? If you’re looking for something practical and long-lasting, with a few bells and whistles, it might be exactly what you need. We’re taking an in-depth look at the product in our SlimFold Wallet review so that you can make an informed decision:

What do you look for in a wallet?

SlimFold Soft Shell Wallet Review

We carry our wallets with us wherever we go. They carry our money, credit cards, IDs, and sometimes important pieces of paper and receipts. An ideal wallet needs to be easy to handle and have adequate room for currency and cards. When you open the wallet, the currency and cards should be easily viewable and accessible. A thin, uniform design is preferable if it’s going to fit comfortably in your pocket – especially when you’re sitting on it.

What makes the SlimFold Soft Shell Wallet special?

The SlimFold Soft Shell Wallet is a standout product, all things considered. Its creator ran a very successful Kickstarter campaign (managing to raise more than $150k) and experimented with over a hundred prototypes before creating the finished version that’s on sale now. We’ve examined the build quality, size and handiness for our SlimFold Wallet review:


When you look at it for the first time, it’s hard to believe it’s a wallet, it’s so small. Despite its tiny size (at .5mm it’s about 3x smaller than a regular wallet), it can hold over eight cards as well as a good number of bills. The small size and minimal weight (2 times lighter than usual) means you can comfortably place it in any pocket, including your front pocket. Sitting on a fat wallet is uncomfortable and can cause back problems. The ultra-thin design – especially on the SlimFold Micro Soft Shell Wallet – makes a barely noticeable bulge in your pocket, though.


The material that makes up the wallet is custom made. It looks slick and expensive; which it is. It’s more expensive to produce than regular leather, according to the manufacturer. The material is fully waterproof and highly stain resistant. Also, it has been stress-tested to 70 mph against the pavement. That makes it very rugged and hard to wear out, so you don’t have to go easy on it as you do with regular leather wallets. You can machine wash it to keep it clean. The stitching on the wallet is exceptional. The threads are strong, uniform and don’t fray easily.


When you open the wallet, the card slots pop out at you –perfect for when you’re in a hurry. You can fit two cards in each slot. The material stretches out to hold the cards inside, so there’s no danger of them falling out. Instead of regular Vinyl, they’ve used something called Mylar for the plastic sheet covering the card. Mylar won’t stick to the card as Vinyl does, so you’ll be able to retrieve any card you put there easily. While the front two slots can fit a maximum of four cards together, there are two other interior pockets where you can fit an additional four cards.

The wallet’s build allows it to store currency notes of various dimensions without folding or crinkling. You can carry major world currencies in it without any trouble, including Dollars, Euros, Pounds and Pesos. If you don’t stuff it with bills, you can fit additional cards in the wallet. Alternatively, you also have room for a small number of receipts.


The small size does have its drawbacks. Because of its minimalist design, you won’t be able to fit a lot of stuff inside it as you do with a regular wallet. It doesn’t have separate additional sections or flaps for currency, so you have to fit everything inside a single one. The material of the wallet, although rugged, can get dirty quickly in dusty places. Also, while the wallet itself is waterproof, you’ll still have to make sure water isn’t seeping inside it to prevent damage to your money and cards.

            Pros                                           Cons

  • 3x smaller and 2x lighter than a regular wallet
  • Fits both front and back pockets
  • ​100% waterproof and washable
  • ​Strong fabric supports rugged use
  • ​Fits a dozen cards at max capacity
  • ​Environmentally-friendly materials used in manufacture
  • ​Easy on the eyes, great stitching
  • ​Optional RFID blocking sleeve to prevent data/money theft
  • ​Can be used by both men and women
  • Small size makes it hard to keep track of (pro or con, you decide)
  • Isn’t big enough to fit a passport or larger cards
  • ​Can be difficult to handle
  • Dust can collect on the wallet, making it look dirty

The Verdict: Should you buy it?

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We came across a lot of positive feedback from buyers during the research we did for the SlimFold Wallet review. We – along with half the internet it seems - can wholeheartedly recommend the SlimFold Soft Shell Wallet. Its USP is a great minimalistic design. You can just slide it in your pocket and forget about it. Its weight is barely noticeable, which is perfect for when you’re out and about (or traveling). Regular leather wallets can weigh you down and start to get uncomfortable after a while, but you won’t have that problem with SlimFold. It’s material can take a beating, so you won’t be replacing it for a good long time to come. At $45, the SlimFold Micro Soft Shell Wallet is a real steal.

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