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The Wonder Wallet: Holds Twice as Much in Half the Space

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You might have heard of the Wonder Wallet. It often features in commercials on TV and can be found in the 'As Seen On TV' sections at some retailers. The creators claim the wallet can hold twice as much as a regular wallet while taking up only half the space. Is the claim true? We’ll found out in our Wonder Wallet review:

The Wonder Wallet Overview

  •  Size: 4 inch x 5 inch (height x length), less than an inch thick
  • Colors: Black, White
  • Capacity: Can hold up to 24 cards, some cash and coins

How is the Wonder Wallet different?

The Wonder Wallet is not like an ordinary wallet. Regular wallets will carry your cards, cash, receipts and other knickknacks – but they tend to bulge if you stuff them to the brim. Sitting on one of these bulging wallets isn’t exactly comfortable. In fact, sitting like that too long can bust your back. The Wonder Wallet attempts to redress this shortcoming of regular wallets by allowing you to stuff your items in half the space. Does the wallet really succeed? We’ll take a look at factors like the wallet’s size, build material, capacity, usability and design/looks in our Wonder Wallet review to help you decide if it’s a worthwhile purchase or not:


The Wonder Wallet size is small. It will fit the palm of your hand, if you lay it across. There’s a barely noticeable bulge when you fill it to capacity with cards and money. When it’s full, the thickness of the wallet is a little over an inch – which isn’t a lot. It’s small enough to fit into some (not all) front pockets. You will, of course, be able to comfortably carry it in your back pocket. Size-wise, the Wonder Wallet is definitely thinner than its leather counterparts.


They’ve used genuine leather for the body as well the inner pockets of the wallet, while the credit card slots are made up of plastic. The leather looks to be of high quality – especially for the price – and is pretty durable. It’s flexible and you’ll be able to sit on it without it bending out of shape too much. The plastic also appears to be pretty sturdy and the stitching is solid.


The Wonder Wallet can hold up to 24 cards. There’s also room in there for some cash, receipts and other small items like a ticket or two. According to some customer Wonder Wallet reviews, they’ve been able to fit in more cards than advertised with a little cramming. There’s plenty of room in the wallet for currency, especially if you don’t fill it up with cards. The wallet is tall enough to hold international currency types. A drawback is that it doesn’t have a coin area – you’ll have to put your coins in your pocket or somewhere else. You could place the coins with the cash, but there’s danger of them falling out.


It’s is one of the better designed card holder wallets at its price range. There’s no metal clasp or zipper – it opens like a regular bi-fold wallet. The cards are stored back to back in films, just like in a photo album. When you open the wallet, they will lay out just like pictures. You can easily retrieve any card you want. Some Wonder Wallet reviews from customers report having trouble while inserting and retrieving cards. The wallet includes RFID protection, which will protect you against electronic data theft. You should also be able to take this with you while traveling – it’s pretty tough, won’t let in water easily and has a pretty high carrying capacity.


It’s a good looking wallet, especially for the asking price, and is much trimmer than a regular wallet. The way the cards are arranged and fall out is attractive. The leather is genuine, shines and will age well. Expect a few creases after significant use. You can order the wallet in black and white.

       Pros                                           Cons

  • Can hold 24 cards, cash, coins
  • Can be used as a front-pocket wallet
  • RFID-blocking to prevent data theft
  • Genuine leather, looks good
  • Can bend like a bi-fold wallet
  • Comfortable to carry and use
  • Some customers report trouble with inserting cards
  • Won’t fit smaller front pockets

How does the Wonder Wallet compare with Lock Wallet?

wonder wallet reviews

Does the Wonder Wallet do well against close competitors in its price range, like the Lock Wallet? The Wonder Wallet size is smaller than that of Lock Wallet. It looks thinner and more compact. The card slots are better laid out and easier to access. On the other hand, it’s easier to remove cards from the Lock Wallet. The Wonder Wallet is made up of leather, while Lock Wallet is made up of imitation leather, making the former look better and probably last longer. The Wonder Wallet will hold 24 cards, while the Wonder Wallet holds a staggering 36.

The Lock Wallet is a zip open/close wallet, while the Wonder Wallet flips open. Both wallets are RFID protected, though you have to keep the Lock Wallet zipped for the feature to work properly. Which is the better option? Wonder Wallet reviews from users are, on the whole, more positive than Lock Wallet ones. Both products are similar in design and capacity – but the Wonder Wallet edges out Lock Wallet in looks and quality. It’s all about preferences, though. If you’re looking for a zipped-close design, the Lock Wallet is a great option.

Should you buy the Wonder Wallet?

The manufacturers have claimed the Wonder Wallet is thinner and flatter than most wallets, despite holding twice as much. We’ve found the claims to be true in our Wonder Wallet review. It’s a recommended purchase for the asking price, if you want a wallet that will hold all your stuff and won’t take up too much room in your pocket.

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