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Trayvax Summit Wallet Review: A Minimalist’s Dream

September 29, 2017

If you’re the typical wallet owner, you probably carry several cards, cash, paper receipts, keys and other knick-knacks in your wallet. Do you really need all of that stuff, though? Can you even remember the last time you used your gym membership card or cash? Leather wallets can be difficult to carry and use. They also tend to be loaded down with stuff we really don’t need – like a lot of cash.

We now live in a cashless era, and a lot of people prefer using digital modes of payment for their everyday purchases, which make cash (and regular wallets) somewhat obsolete. The Trayvax Summit is a minimalist wallet that holds a handful of cards and some cash – a modern, bare-bones wallet. We’ll examine this wallet in detail in this review, so you can decide if it’s worth your time:

Trayvax Summit Wallet Overview:


3.75 x 2.35 x 0.375 (length x width x thickness) inches


2 ounces


1-8 cards and 1-5 bills


Steel Plate, Nylon Webbing (Strap), Optional Armor Plate


Shadow Black, Stone Grey, OD Green, Forest Camo, Coyote Brown




Lifetime Heirloom Warranty

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What do you need from a wallet? It needs to be easy to carry, for one. Capability to hold your most important cards as well as some cash (for small expenses or emergencies). It should also be durable – you don’t want a wallet that wears out after a month of use. Affordability and looks are important as well. How well does the Trayvax Summit compare against all that? Lets’ find out:


The Summit is just 3.75 inches long, 2.35 inches wide and 0.375 inches thick. It’s much smaller than leather bi-folds and tri-folds. At full capacity, it doesn’t hold more than five bills and eight cards. These wallets will fit into your front pocket easily – and, with its 2-ounce weight, you probably won’t even notice it’s there. The Summit has a metal frame, so it’s not the most comfortable back pocket wallet around. If you fill it up beyond the recommended amount, it becomes bulky and uncomfortable.


Summit wallets have a very simple build. It includes a steel plate, where your cards are stored, and a Nylon wraparound band that holds them in place. These plates have a Melonite finish – which makes it harder and stronger than before while giving it a glossy sheen. The strap is MIL-SPEC and won’t fray quickly. If it does, you can get a replacement strap from Trayvax. Because the wallet is so simply made, it’s very durable and will last a long time. They also offer a lifetime heirloom warranty, so you don’t have to worry about manufacturing defects.


The Summit isn’t a high capacity wallet. You can carry 1-8 cards and up to 5 bills in it. Unlike some minimalist wallets, you don’t have to put in a minimum of 2 cards in it – you’ll be okay with just 1. The wallet has a cinch strap which can be tightened or loosened, according to what you put in it. There’s a money clip in the back where you can slide in some cash and some paper receipts.


The steel frame and strap have excellent durability. Whatever card is on top, however, is almost fully exposed, except for the part where the strap covers it. That could cause damage to your card if you’re not careful (some credit cards are easily damaged). However, they sell an armor plated case for this wallet for a little extra money, which provides better protection for your cards. The cards themselves are very easy to retrieve, as is the money. There’s an attachment point on the steel body for a cord or a clip. These wallets are easy to hold and carry.


The wallet is no-frills and very utilitarian. It won’t exactly catch anyone’s eye for its looks, but it’s not a bad-looking wallet either. From the front, only the cards and the strap itself are visible. You can get the strap in several colors: black, grey, green, camo and brown. The frame looks good, and it’s glossy. These wallets are also attractively shaped. As it’s made of metal, this wallet won’t lose its good condition with time.


  • Utilitarian, perfect for minimalists
  • Good build quality
  • ​Replaceable strap
  • Lifetime Warranty 

  •        Cons

  • Cards unprotected
  • Should You Buy This Wallet?

    We believe it’s a good purchase at the asking price, especially if you throw in a little extra and pick up the armor casing with it. It’s durable and fun to carry and use.

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