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The Sturdy and Stylish TriHold Ultimate Trifold Leather Wallet

trihold wallet review

If you’re in the market for a leather tri-fold wallet, then you have a whole host of options to pick from. Very few of those options will match the TriHold Ultimate Leather Wallet, though, when it comes to looks, design and functionality. This wallet is perfect for you if you’re looking for an everyday-use wallet that is useful as well as easy on the eyes.

In this TriHold Wallet review, we’ll be examining the various features of the wallet in more detail. We’ll also compare it with a top competitor, so you’ll have an easier time making a purchase decision.

The Trihold Ultimate Leather Wallet Overview


2.68 x 3.62 inches




6-12 cards, single ticket holder, single billfold for bills and receipts


Not available

What does a good tri-fold wallet look like?

An ideal tri-fold wallet should be a standard sized wallet capable of holding about a dozen cards, some ID, currency and paper receipts. It should be easy to open, make your cards easily accessible and allow you a good grip when you hold it. It shouldn’t get too fat – fat wallets are very uncomfortable to carry, especially if you put them in your back pocket and have to sit on them. Of course, it’s a bonus if it happens to look good. So how does the TriHold Wallet compare against all these factors? We’ll be taking a look at its size, build material, capacity, ease of use and looks in our TriHold Wallet review:


The TriHold Wallet is very compact and thin for a tri-fold wallet. Even when you stuff it to the brim with cards, it will stay flat thanks to a metal clasp that holds the folds closed. With a height of 3.62 inches, it’s tall enough to hold various international currency types. With a closed size of 2.68 x 3.62 inches, it’s also small enough to fit into your front pocket, if you’re not fond of wallets that you have to carry in your back pocket.


The wallet is made up of Black Napa leather, which is high-quality and pretty durable. Some TriHold Wallet reviews from customers claim the leather looks like plastic, though. The leather has a little give in it, so that it can hold your cards snugly. The material has also been integrated pretty well with the metal clasp, so there’s little danger of your cards falling out. The stitching is strong and even. If you take good care of your wallet by avoiding spills and scratching it against sharp surfaces, it will last for a long time.


You’ll be able to carry a significant number of your bank cards, IDs, loyalty cards, hotel keys, currency notes and receipts in this wallet. The official capacity of the wallet is 12 cards, but that will be a tight fit. It will hold 6 cards just right. There’s a special ticket holder for your tickets. The currency pocket – a single billfold – is roomy and will hold receipts as well as notes.

Ease of use

There’s a pressure steel latch on the wallet that holds it closed. You’ll have to undo that every time you open it and it’s hard to do with a single hand. If you don’t mind that, though, you’ll find it a breeze to use. All your currency is easily accessible when you open up the wallet. There’s a card slot that you can access without opening the wallet. You’ll be able to put a couple of cards in it and slide them out with your thumb. The wallet is light and easy to carry, and the leather gives you a good grip.


The designer-grade Black Napa Leather makes the TriHold Ultimate Wallet one of the best looking products in its price range. The surface of the wallet is sleek and a little glossy. The stitching is uniform and looks good. The card pocket that you can access without opening the wallet has a rectangular space for your thumb. You’ll be able to see any card you put inside through this space.

        Pros                                            Cons

  • Stylish, compact and sleek build
  • High-quality leather
  • ​High capacity
  • ​Clasp keeps wallet secure and thin
  • ​Can be used as a front-pocket wallet
  • Easy card retrieval
  • Clasp needs to be opened every time
  • Card pockets can be too tight initially
  • No RFID-blocking

The TriHold Ultimate vs. The Secrid Slim Wallet

trihold wallet reviews

We’ll be comparing the TriHold with the Secrid Slim Wallet next in our TriHold Wallet review. The Secrid Slim isn’t exactly a traditional tri-fold wallet, but it’s pretty close. Both wallets have comparable looks and similar utility designs. They also have similar carrying capacity. The Secrid Slim outdoes the TriHold when it comes to card retrieval – you just need to press a lever to get your cards to pop out. On the other hand, TriHold owners don’t have to worry about the mechanism wearing out and degrading with time. Everyone seems to love the Secrid Slim Wallet – but Trihold Wallet reviews from customers are equally positive. So which one is better? It all depends on your personal taste! Both wallets are good picks at their price range.

Is the TriHold Ultimate a worthwhile purchase?

It’s a good choice if you want a high-capacity tri-fold wallet that doesn’t weigh you down. It’s not a good choice if you can’t do without RFID protection – you’ll need to buy sleeves for it and they don’t fit into the wallet properly. If you’re looking for a simple, durable and stylish wallet, though, this is a good choice.

The makers are very confident about their product and they market it as the “Best Wallet Ever”. In fact, they’re so confident that they offer a 45 day 100% unconditional money back guarantee! If you don’t think the wallet is good enough, you can return it with little trouble and get all your money back (minus shipping).

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