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Choose Tumi if You Need a Classy Mens Leather Wallet

tumi mens leather wallet review

Tumi has long been synonymous with luxury. The iconic luggage, backpacks, bags and accessories manufacturer has been making wallets for a very long time. Tumi leather wallets are known to be pricier than most regular leather wallets – but they make great long-term investments. Many customers who’ve bought Tumi Mens wallets reveal that they haven’t needed to replace theirs for over a decade.

Is Tumi worth the extra money?

Tumi wallets are luxury wallets, make no mistake about it. They’re designed similarly to ordinary wallets, but their build quality is exceptional and they carry a proportionately high price tag. Should you spend extra money to a Tumi wallet or instead buy a regular wallet that probably won’t last as long? It all depends on your personal taste and preferences, in the end. If you don’t like replacing wallets every few years, Tumi might be worth it.

The Tumi Men’s Alpha Double Billfold wallet is one of their best-selling wallets. It’s also cheaper than many of the other wallets in their inventory – making it a real value-for-money wallet. In this Tumi wallet review, we’ll examine the Billfold wallet in detail, so you can decide if it’s a justifiable purchase:

Tumi Wallet Overview


4.53 x 3.2 x 0.5 inches (height x length x thickness)


Black, Anthracite, Galaxy Print, Grey/Atlantic, Reflective Silver and Smoke Character Print


6 credit card slots, 2 inner pockets, 2 bifold pockets for currency and receipts


Available, built in protection

How does the Men’s Alpha Double Billfold wallet compare with your regular wallet?

We’ll take a look at the wallet’s size, build quality, capacity, usability and looks in our Tumi wallet review to give you a better idea of its capabilities:


At 4.5 inches and 3.2 inches, the Alpha Double Billfold wallet is about standard sized. It’s only 0.5 inches thick, though, which makes it thinner than many other billfold wallets out there. It’s small enough to fit into the front pocket of your jeans, but it’s by no means like one of those tiny card holders in the market. Even when fully loaded, the wallet remains light and thin.


It’s made up of 100% ballistic nylon. The material looks to be very strong and will last a long time, without wearing out like regular leather. The wallet has leather trim and leather-lined pockets. The stitching on the wallet is exceptional and blends right into the material – unlike with many regular wallets. The material includes RFID-protection or “Tumi ID Lock” – it keeps your credit cards, IDs and passports safe from thieves with scanners.


The Alpha Tumi Mens wallet wallet doesn’t have an exceptionally high storage capacity. You will be able to fit in about 8 cards, money, receipts and small knickknacks in it. Putting in any more cards isn’t recommended as it causes the leather to stretch out. This wallet is made for people who don’t carry a lot of stuff with them, but who aren’t quite minimalists. If you want more capacity, you’ll have to look to other wallets from Tumi.

Ease of use

Being a flip out bifold wallet, it’s very easy to use. You’ll be able to take it with you everywhere and fit it into almost every pocket. If you carry your phone and keys in your pocket, you should still be able to fit this wallet in with those items. It’s small enough that you can flip it open with a single hand. When you open the wallet, the cards can be easily retrieved from their slots. There’s no ID window slot in the wallet, though. The best thing about this wallet when it comes to the usability is its lifespan – barring accidents or rough use, it should last for much, much longer than any ordinary leather wallet.


The Alpha Bifold Tumi Mens wallet is a looker. It looks like a premium wallet – an impression that’s helped along by the TUMI logo on the side. It’s sleek, shiny and available in a variety of attractive patterns and colors (which are all subtle, even the Galactic print). The leather trim adds character to it. The stitching is not an eyesore. The wallet is a little on the smaller size for a bifold.

Tumi wallet

            Pros                                      Cons

  • Outstanding looks
  • Excellent build quality, should last for years
  • ​Simple, user-friendly design
  • ​Light weight and thin, can fit front pockets
  • ID Lock feature to keep your data safe
  • Low carrying capacity
  • May be too small for some

How does it compare to other luxury wallets?

How does the Alpha Bifold do against other luxury wallets? Let’s compare it to the Keplero Luxury Wallet, which is a popular brand at around the same price point. Keplero Wallets, unlike the Alpha Bifold, are made from carbon fiber – the material that’s used in planes and high-end cars. They can withstand enormous weights and pressures. The Keplero Wallet is comprised of magnetic sections that are layered on top of each other. Every magnetic section can hold a card or two.


The Keplero can’t hold as much as the Alpha Bifold. There’s a money clip at the back if you want it to store money. When it comes to durability, the Keplero is far superior (it’s super to almost every wallet in the market in that regard). When it comes to looks, both wallets are about even. Which one is better? It depends on your preferences. Tumi has a much more varied collection, though, so don’t dismiss the brand even if you don’t like the Alpha Bifold.

The Verdict

Should you invest your hard-earned money in the Alpha Bifold wallet? The answer is: it depends. If you want a decent bifold wallet that will last for a decade without wearing out, then it’s for you. If you get bored quickly, you might want to look at a different (cheaper) wallet. To sum up our Tumi Wallet review, we’ll say it’s a decent buy at the price point.

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