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Wallet Ninja: An Indispensible Convenience Multi-Tool

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The Wallet Ninja is touted by its creator to be the world’s first 100% flat multi-tool. Because it has been featured in 'As Seen On TV' commercials, it is a very popular product. Small enough to fit inside your wallet, it’s made of heat treated steel that’s supposed to be impossible to bend, dull or rust. Does it live up to the creator’s claims? Is it worth your money? Continue reading our Wallet Ninja review to find out:

Do you really need a multi-tool?

Multi-tools are undeniably useful and very convenient, especially when you’re out and about or traveling somewhere. Often harder to handle than regular tools, they are not as strong, but get the job done in a pinch. Being small and portable, you can carry them with you everywhere. You don’t have to keep retrieving your bulky tools if you have a multi-tool at hand.

Usually, multi-tools are small and light – like pocket knives – and don’t require a lot of space in your pocket. You can’t carry knives with you on a plane, though. Also, carrying multi-tools can be a bit of an inconvenience sometimes. The Wallet Ninja 18-in-1 multi-tool, black is fully flat. It will fit in your wallet and you can carry it with you everywhere without any trouble:

The Wallet Ninja Overview


3.35 x 2.2 inches (length x height)


0.1 inches


1.6 oz


Black (normal), Camo pattern (limited edition)


6 hex wrenches, 4 screwdrivers, 4 openers, fruit peeler, cell phone stand, rulers, nail puller, box opener (total of 18 functions)

We’ll give you a closer look at the products size, functions, build quality, usability and looks next in our Wallet Ninja review:


The Wallet Ninja is as small as a regular credit card at 3.35 x 2.2 inches (length x height) and as thick (0.1 inch). It easily fits credit card slots in wallets and card holders. Unlike credit cards, though, it has several notches carved neatly along its sides. These notches are tools – like screw drivers and openers. The Wallet Ninja is much heavier than a regular credit card at 1.6 oz.


The multi-tool includes 6 Hex Head Nuts and Bolts tools; Phillips, Flat Head & Eye Glass screwdrivers; bottle, can, letter, box openers; an inch and cm ruler; a nail puller; a cell phone stand; and a fruit peeler. Many of the tools included are what you use daily, like the letter opener, fruit peeler and the ruler. The cell phone stand only works if you insert a second card through a slot in the Wallet Ninja – but it’s known to hold up most phones and even tablets with little trouble.

Build quality

The quality of the multi-tool is outstanding, offering a lifetime guarantee that the product won’t rust, bend or dull. It’s made up of 4x heat treated stainless steel. You can put immense pressure on it without denting it or bending it any way. That means, despite its small size and thickness, you won’t have to baby the tool. It’s also water-proof and scratch-resistant.


The multi-tool is very usable. Being as small as your credit cards, you’ll be able to place it with your other cards and just forget about it. The steel gives you a decent grip and the letter opener and can opener functions are easy to handle. You might have a little more trouble handling the card if you use the screwdriver function (it’s a common failing in multi-tools). Being sturdy, you don’t have to baby the product and it will last you a lifetime. The only drawback is that it’s significantly heavy – 1.6 oz. It could weigh your wallet down and make it somewhat uncomfortable to carry.


It’s a good-looking multi-tool. The back of the tool is shiny and attractive, without being flashy. The name of the tool – Wallet Ninja – is cut out of the steel in an attractive font, with a shuriken imprinted next to it. There are notches and gaps in the flat steel for the tool. It looks somewhat like a mixture of a credit card and a razor blade. The names of the tools are clearly written.

Pros                          Cons

  • Tiny, will slide into your wallet with the rest of your cards
  • 18 handy functions, can prove very useful
  • ​Super-strong, will last a lifetime
  • ​Attractive design
  • ​Suited for repairmen, mechanics, carpenters, campers, students (and everyone who owns a wallet)
  • Affordable and makes for a great gift
  • At 1.6 oz, it’s heavy
  • Some functions are difficult to use
  • Lacks some useful tools (like a blade)

How does it hold up against other multi-tools?

Wallet Ninja Review

How does the Wallet Ninja 18-in-1 multi-tool, black hold up against other popular multi-tools? It’s smaller, lighter, sturdier, and much more convenient to use than most. However, it doesn’t have some multi-tool functions that you could need in your day-to-day life like a knife, flashlight or a magnifying glass. If you are looking for a survival tool or something with more functions, you might want to consider buying a pocket knife instead (like a Victorinox Swiss Knife).

The Wallet Ninja's biggest advantage over its competitors is its 100% flat size, which makes it very convenient to carry. It is also much cheaper than most of the multi-tools on the market. The maker also offers a lifetime guarantee against rust, bending and dullness.

Should you buy the Wallet Ninja?

To end our Wallet Ninja review, we’ll say it’s definitely a worthwhile purchase. It won’t be as useful as a more comprehensive multi-tool, but it will be much easier to carry and use. Having a unique design makes for a great conversation starter. It makes for an unusual Christmas gift. Finally, you get a very durable product that could well last you a lifetime.

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